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The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum

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“Be sure of your heart before you speak.”

I hung up without saying good-bye. I never said it. Not if I could help it. Good-bye was final. Painful. It was the sound of a door closing. Of footsteps walking away.
After Hello (via learningtoloveeee)
Alone didn’t invite complications. Alone meant no one got hurt.
After Hello (via learningtoloveeee)
His smiles were beautiful. They added just the right amount of curve to his mouth. And they had just the smallest hint of unexplained sadness that kept them interesting.
After Hello (via learningtoloveeee)


After Hello by Lisa Mangum

Find it here

“I believe that sometimes people come into your life at exactly the right moment to give you exactly what you need at that moment.”

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Icons about Luke Pasqualino on my LJ

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The Hourglass Door by Lisa Mangum


You’ve never been kissed before. You have a boyfriend, although he wants to wait for the “perfect” time. Which is apparently your birthday. Also his. Then an Italian (and very hot) exchange student comes into the picture when he wants to join the school play(which you are the assistant director of). Remember how you’ve never been kissed? Not after the day the exchange student arrived. Oh, but he didn’t kiss you. Your teacher did. On purpose. Out of nowhere. In front of (almost) everyone. Yup.

Today- From what I remember (which is honestly not very much), this book is very… emotionish and mysterical. Also, the first in a trilogy.

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kerfluffling whispered: I read these and loved the series, now I'm making my twin read them and she's obsessed too! :D so glad I found your blog!

ha thanks it’s my fav series i’ve been trying to get a fandom going for a while but sigh not easy even when your main blog has a lot of followers. fell free to contribute to the fandom pls omg

*knocks on ur door* have u read the hourglass door

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"He longs for the uncertainty of the future."